Facebook shared a memory from three years ago with me and it was this excerpts from one of Morenike Vincent’s nuggets on excellence. I feel I really need this exact words at this point of my life, so I thought to post it here. You’d love it, this I can tell!

I have not seen anyone who ACCIDENTALLY got successful.

Hardwork, persistence, good attitude,prayers, are ingredients.

You cannot give mediocre to life and things you do and expect Excellent results.

It’s not magic.

Put in your absolute best.
Bring your ‘A’ game to the table
Be Excellent

You want to succeed in your life, great. That’s a good desire. Now it is time to get to WORK!

Entitlement mentality is one of the greatest evils in our generation. Many believe that the world, the government, employers, parents, and everyone Owes them something. Hear now, no one owes you anything, your own is to do your best.

Another evil I have seen under the sun is Desire for Quick success, quick results, quick money this is microwave generation. Due process is abhorred these days. It just has to be quick. Excellence will demand of you, time, effort, sweat. Excellence will demand of you to ‘up’ your game and pull you out of your comfort zone.

So I ask, Do you really want excellence? the BALL IS IN YOUR COURT

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to Excellence, regardless of his chosen field of Endeavor.

There is this very dear friend of mine who when she wanted to enter the university put in for medicine but her jamb score did not meet the medical cut off so she was not posted to a related course like dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing etc. she was put in food and nutrition. I remember her sad days in 100 level of university, she will not go to class, she was too angry and sad too. But then she realised along the way that now I am here how do I make the best out of this?

That was her deciding point.

So she picked herself up and applied herself to learning and she graduated as the best in her class. Her lecturers loved her, she won awards and got great recommendations.

Today she owns a company that is into food processing and she’s doing excellently well.

Yes, we may find ourselves in situations and choices that were not our desires, but I ask you are you committed to excellence? Are you giving your best?

You may not have had a good start, but it’s never too late to have a great finish! Go to the drawing board, THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT

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