Fear Is An Enemy

This article was written in 2016 and I am posting them on the blog because it still has that level of life in it as ever, enjoy…

While growing as a young girl, whenever I was asked to describe myself, I would simply say I am fearless, intelligent and beautiful. However, the older I became, the sooner I realised that all those adjectives I used in defining myself were true except one; fearless.

To that young girl ‘fear’ was been able to stand and face some situations physically. To an extent that was right but there is more to that word than my shallow definition. I could walk pass a snake without fear, I don’t get scared by the sound of gun-shots, I could walk alone on the street in the dead of the night, I could face a guy and challenge him to a fight. What’s more to fear? I thought. I felt I should receive an encomium for that level of bravery displayed at such a young age.

It didn’t take long before reality dawned on me as age and time began to unravel things to me. I soon discovered that there are more battles going on inside of a man( male and female) than the ones outside.
I got to a junction in life when I began to notice that there are voices inside of a person that say word like “NO! You can’t.” That voice that whispers, “You will fail if you try, don’t pass your boundary just stay on the low, you can’t even pass the first stage.”

That same daring voice that said to me when I was about to start this project “Tope what experience do you have? What challenges have you gone through that makes you say you want to share lessons with people. What are your contents, where do you want to get supply? You are just always too forward.”


The discouragement that comes to a person from within, the fear of Failure, the fear of falling again, the anxiety, fear of uncertainty, fear of the unknown etc. Fear hinders a person from pushing further. It’s what makes us humans most times drop our dreams and settle for the less. This fear eats deep down to our relationships and marriages.

I don’t know how many people have had these experiences as mine but here is the good news for us all:
“God has not given us the Spirit of Fear; but of power, and of Love and of a sound mind”
There is a greater voice inside of you that says: “My Grace is enough for you”

Don’t heed to fear! Listen to the better voice inside of you. Fear is not yours; there is nothing to be afraid of. If you fall, you rise up and dust your dress. You have the mind of God; your ideas can be birthed, because you have been given all the power needed to stand tall in whatever you choose to do.

Once you get to that point where you can recognize that is an enemy, and you shut your heart against it, that’s the point where you start winning.

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