For the love of Shawarma!

I am not a fan of junk-food but when it comes to Shawarma, I am a die-hard fan. So when I got this piece from Busayo Okuloye, it was definitely what I could relate with. There is more to the Shawarma cravings. Find out here…

I’m not pregnant and I don’t have a favourite food, I just eat whatever tastes good. Healthy and delicious; sometimes sour, so long it’s edible, it’s okay for me to eat. But recently I had an unusual craving for Shawarma.

I only hoped in my heart that very soon someone somehow will get it for me. Call me spoilt, it feels good to be. But that’s not what I am driving at.

Long after my cries, my dad mentioned to me one day that he was going to buy it and that he was looking for a fresh one. I know my Shawarma gist is beginning to suck but I hope you will finish reading it till the end to get my point.

At long last, like a month and half, two months maybe, not lesser than that; I had my Shawarma and guess from who? The same man who had earlier told me to go meet a washer-man.

When he got it I was surprised at the same time I was also happy. I wasn’t expecting it anymore (it had become a want not a craving or a need).

Two, I was done craving for shawarma, not even craving for any kind of food in particular; something else had taken my interest.  that did not stop me from eating some; who rejects the offer of a Shawarma? Anyway, I was generous enough to give my brother half of it.

I noticed that at the end what mattered to me most was that he bought it, honoured my request, and kept to his word- not the shawarma. The Shawarma was good but what was most important to me at the end was my dad’s Character of integrity and sense of responsibility.

One of the ways to test a person’s integrity is by words. Show me a person of integrity and I will hand you someone who keeps to his or her words. Your words are your bond; you can’t say this today and deny it tomorrow. Let your words be your oath; it’s a sign of maturity and integrity.

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