This post is just a reflection of my life in the past 365 days and I am super-grateful for everything and everyone. I hope this post inspires you too to count your blessings…

The past one year has been a very intriguing journey, although it didn’t look like that earlier. Initially, It looked like my world was crashing right before my eyes. I was wondering what I did wrong or where God was at those times. But today, I am thankful for that phase of life. Indeed, He makes all things beautiful in His own time,

The process birthed so many great things in me; Strengths, Character, Love, Maturity, Growth, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Purpose and every good thing I could name.

I am thankful for my journey; coming from a place of total obscurity, doubts, pain, and tears to the place of clarity, direction and sense of purpose. From a place of struggle to a place of peace; a place of pain to the place of joy. My life is just starting out as a wonder, this I am sure of. I AM SO GRATEFUL.

Meeting the most amazing people in 2019, I am so grateful. My fantastic support system with awe-inspiring personalities, I am blessed to have you all in my corner.

I am thankful for my family, the ones who understand my silence, my noise, my crankiness, my laughter and joy and still stand by me. I am grateful.

Most importantly, I am grateful for the gift of It was birthed this year although it looks like I have had it for years. Also, this year ended with me emerging as the first runner up in the Lagos category of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence. Earlier, I also emerged as a fellow of the Wole Soyinka Centre’s Female Reporters Leadership Programme.


Lastly, I am grateful for the gift of you; YOU. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my articles, like and comment. I am grateful. GOD BLESS YOU and I love you.


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  1. Thank you Lord for all that you have done and even for greater things that you will yet do. That our lives will continuously bear proofs of your Glory and your Lordship

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