Hang In There

Only the optimist sees the doughnuts and the pessimist sees the hole…This was Leye’s comment when I first published this article on my Facebook page. It’s a message of hope, get a cup of a chilled fresh juice and read this.

I was opportune to attend World breakers summit sometimes ago as expected it was thought provoking; I wrote and kept jotting till I almost exhausted the space on my notepad. Amongst the speakers, there was this dark, slim, cute very young man (Yeah, I have a soft spot for slim, talk, dark and fine men, beat your laptop or phone) that caught my attention because his story really inspired me.

He spoke about how he had courage to rise after falling and failing several times and I was like whoa! He went through a lot but for him to have chased his goal after all he went through indeed he was seeing what every other person wasn’t seeing.

He said, “When I started my shows, there was nothing, we continually organized free shows, yet people won’t even attend (That cracked me up, like how do you organize free shows and people wouldn’t even come and you don’t stop wasting your resources).

“I kept counting my progress by my losses; I would say last month, we lost 450,000, this month was 300,000 hopefully next months would be lesser.”

Of course, hard times don’t last. Eventually he stopped counting his loss and it was all profit rolling in.

He said, “We were like that till breakthrough came, and we stopped counting progress by loss and started measuring how well we did by how much profit we made”

This young man is Bunmi Davies of Standup Nigeria, yeah stand Up Nigeerrriiiiiaaaa!

For me, the message in the story was that of hope, just hang in there. It could be hard, it could seem unattainable but the truth is, if you hang in there, breakthrough would come.

Though weeping may last for a night, joy comes in the morning.

At that point, it may be too demanding, tasking, annoying and frustrating but all that is needed is just to hang in there. Doubts could flood ones heart because it’s like nothing is coming forth. As long as it’s this one pursuit, don’t stop, just hang in there.

Have you ever heard of any woman in labour who walks out of the labour room because the pain is too much? NO. It’s even more painful and dangerous if the baby doesn’t come out since she knows the baby will surely come, she just hangs in there and travail till the baby comes out.


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