Hey! Leave There

We all make certain mistakes and sometimes they’re so serious that they affect the course of our lives. Many I believe have at one point or the other made such drastic mistakes. This piece focuses on forgiving oneself and forging on. Enjoy ‘as I dey hot…’

“Stop running, Oluwatamilore, you will fall,” the voice of Tammy’s mum was calling from behind. Beautiful light-skinned chubby Tammy is always a sight to behold with her curly hair. Tammy as fondly called by many except from the mum who calls her full name when she is stern with her was obviously excited with the cup of vanilla-banana-flavoured ice cream she was holding.

All efforts by her mum to prevent her from falling proved abortive as she was too excited with the joy of seeing her dad who had returned few hours ago from an overseas business trip.

“Daddy! Daddy!” She kept shouting as she ran towards the room in her multi-coloured top on denim shorts with a pair of pink kitto sandals. As Tammy was about to enter the room to meet her dad, she hit her leg against one of her toys which she had dropped at the entrance and fell.

The next thing her mum heard was the voice of her baby crying “Mummy, my ice cream!” As her mum rushed towards her, she discovered that Tammy had spilled her ice cream on the floor.

“Oluwatamiloreife, I told you not to run; now you have spilled your ice cream. Sorry my baby, don’t cry,” she said as she carried her up and rested her child’s head on her bosom. Tammy who was obviously angry with herself for spilling her ice cream kept crying profusely with a continuous song of my ice cream!

“Don’t worry, I would give you another one from the freezer,” her mum assured her but there was no more vanilla-banana flavour which was Tammy’s favourite.  She kept crying and refused to take the strawberry flavour her mum gave to her. Tammy wouldn’t stop crying because she had lost her favourite flavour of all the ice cream variance.

Tammy’s mum who was kneeling beside her three-year- old daughter said, “My Tammy, try this too, you would love it.” She smiled as she opened it and gave her daughter to taste. “I like it,” Tammy said as she wiped her tears. “Yes, my baby it’s also very delicious, the variance is just different from the other one,” her mum answered her with a tone of relief as her tall, dark and handsome husband who had been in the shower came out to meet them both and gave them a relieving hug and smile. His smile could melt any heart with his dimples that easily gave way to the cheeks whenever he smiled.   

“Oluwatamiloreife, don’t cry too much on what is destroyed, learn your lessons and move on. Now let’s clean this mess”, she told her baby.

“Okay mum,” the now smiling Tamilore answered.

Just like Tamilore many of us feel too offended with ourselves for missing out on beautiful opportunities in life, for making serious mistakes, for hurting our loved ones, for not adhering to warnings and instructions that could have prevented us from falling into the ditch.

Yes, you might have lost that chance but there are many other chances in life but you won’t see them if you continue to stay in the place of not forgiving yourself. You have to let go, pick the relevant lessons and forge ahead. If you don’t forgive yourself, you will lose many more chances and dwell in the place of hurt for a good number of years.

It’s about time you stop SULKING, move on with life.

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