“The truth is that everybody is afraid of something. The difference is that some people let their fears stop them while others get out there and ‘do it afraid.” These are the exact words of American Author and Songwriter, Jeanette Coron. Grab your popcorn and drink, this is another life-saving article you need to read

You have heard a thousand and one times that you have to overcome your fears, beat the fear, kill the fear and the rest.

But permit me to bust your bubble, it’s perfectly fine to do it in fear. I have made the toughest decisions of my life in fear.
Some decisions will be taken in fear, not as a result of cowardice but because you don’t have the full picture yet. Sometimes you take very major steps in life not sure of where it would end especially because you don’t have a full glimpse of it.

Most of the major decisions about my life were made in fear; if it would be successful, if it would crash, if I would get selected for applications and so much more.

I once asked a friend during her hens’ party how she felt knowing she was getting married a day after, she looked at me and said, “Babe, I am scared, I am not even sure of what I am getting into. My husband is a good man, I love him but it’s a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. I don’t know how the journey would be, but I will just trust God.” I have heard the same word from friends and people over and over again, by soon-get-married couples, but they still went ahead.

In life, we will never have all the answers at once, we have to take so many decisions trusting God. I have learned that the best way to overcome fear is by doing it in fear. If it’s a major decision, then it comes with a plausible fear. We always want to hit the ground running when we are in a place of comfort but great people don’t do things in comfort. Being in fear and still executing thoughts is a show of strength, not weakness.

I was supposed to go start a project in 2015 but I kept postponing it because I was afraid, I would be rejected. In 2018, I still eventually did it. Although it didn’t come through, I had enough experience that I did it with much ease afterward. If you keep postponing the things you should do because of fear, you would probably live in regrets much later in life.
I have achieved my greatest feat in life doing what I was desired in fear. I did my biggest stories, interviews, and project afraid of not knowing what exactly to do.

But, in the course of it, I realised one thing was common in all these scenarios, immediately, I start, an understanding of what to do or how to go about things comes to me naturally. I might not know where it would lead but the more I progress, things got clearer to me.
Do you want to apply for a job, scholarship or grant; you want to get married, start a business, open a company, whatever it is you want to, do it in the face of fear. The major fear is what if you fail, well, failure is part of the process.
Don’t let fear stop you, DO IT AFRAID.

16 Replies to “I DID IT IN FEAR”

  1. Someone once said that ignorance is a parent of fear, it makes you anticipate negatives and it keeps you from seeing the opportunity that lies therein.

    Thank you for sharing your LIGHT with us… always. 🤗🤗😍

  2. The feelings of fear will never be eliminated. Even God did not say it will. Walking in faith is actually feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Thank you

  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway! We need to leave our comfort Zone and take that giant and bold step. That I did it unafraid is even a success story.
    More wisdom sis😘

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