I finally gave love another chance

On my WhatsApp status, I had shared my bants with my friend, Tunde, on reciprocating love. IyinOluwa and I have also been having conversations around this, having picked necessary lessons, I thought to share this. Enjoy…

Growing up as a Christian and watching my parents live love practically, I had learned to handle it that ‘love always wins’.

So, I am someone who totally gives myself to people whenever I come in contact with them. I mean, I love in ‘reckless abandon’ ( Lol). For me, love was to be expressed and I gave it total expression.

It became so, and I just enjoyed it when I put smiles on the faces of people; you know, little acts of kindness make the world lit. So, I took it upon myself to be everyone’s ‘messiah’. I mean I would go to the end of the world to help you once you were my friend or an acquittance.

Soon, I began to see life as it really is, like they say ‘life happened’. Betrayal here and there; people seeing me as someone they could use, after all, I was always readily available to help. Let’s I forget; acts of service and quality time are my strongest love language and this I gave wholeheartedly.

Oh! did I mention that I made my friend’s enemies my enemies and their friends my friends? I was probably also foolish in love too.

I gave people a lot; I would lend money to people and they would not return, some would insult me, after plenty chasing, I would let go. I remember one telling me I will be reported to the police for a threat once I asked for my money again. Oh! I can’t forget the one who said I had a bad taste as the gift I gave was by a designer who was outdated. Lol. The things my eyes have seen in this life.

So, haven suffered this, I decided to give love to only those who deserved it. I didn’t give myself to people any longer. I wouldn’t give to people unnecessarily. I would put myself first and this I did. Guess what! my people came to ask what they did wrong that made me change?  I was no longer the sweet person they used to know. But never did those set of people ever said I was sweet back then. My decision was well justified, yeah! I know.

But you know what? LOVE ALWAYS WIN. God gave me the best and most amazing set of friends. I got people who loved me and reciprocated love. They made love so beautiful. 

On the other hand, the Lord started to teach me to love selflessly again.  I discovered that nothing was wrong with me loving people, instead, the people who betrayed love were the ones who had issues; they don’t understand what love is.

So, we adopted these principles:

Love people without expectation

Look at betrayers as people who need help.

Let love be the basis of your decisions

Love others but not more than yourself

Live from the reality that I am a love being.

So, that did the magic for me, I forgave people who had hurt me without them asking for it, I freed my mind and loved people irrespective of how they reciprocated.

This taught me to live in this reality that for Love was I made and LOVE I WILL DO.

14 Replies to “I finally gave love another chance”

  1. The evil deeds of others should never stop us from being love beings. Although we learn from the process, the core of our personality remains same – LOVE. In engagement, we’re wiser. We have the wisdom of God to deal with issues.

    Thank you for penning this piece.

  2. Hmm. To be candid I had to think, “did I make this girl feel like an object, to be used?” ah aha ahh. Okay this is a deep one. I can only remember the song, ‘I have had my share of love, abuse’… But like you said, Love will always win. Welldone Baby girl!

  3. Love is our calling as believers; we’ve all had our share of hurt just as Jesus had and still do but doesn’t stop Him from loving.

    We should always remember to show love to the people around us especially knowing that we are just pilgrims and no one knows when it will be time to go “home”.

    While we are alive, let us LOVE.

    Thanks for sharing sis

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