I wouldn’t know of this fits perfectly to be called a poem, let me leave that for poets to judge. However, what stands out for me in this article is that sometimes, we find treasure in unexpected places. Read this:

When I am confused,

When I’m in doubt

When I can’t seem to get a solution to a problem

When I have an issue lingering for too long…

I quickly head to my TOILET


I find comfort

I find solutions

I find ideas

I find hope

I find Peace

Right there in my TOILET, it’s like I’m in another world/realm

When I enter with a Book and a Biro,

Forget it; I am coming back with notes

 When an issue takes me to my toilet then it must have been a difficult one

But trust me it isn’t coming out with me unsolved.

The toilet isn’t the usual friendly place, but for me,

 It’s my place of succor and comfort

It’s a place of solutions and ideas

Sometimes, we find solutions, breakthrough, help and the rest in the seemingly useless place. Don’t take anything in life for granted. The toilet is an unpleasant place but for me, it is my place of strength and love.

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