Poem: Do These Shoes Fit Perfectly Well by Tope Omogbolagun

This is to someone in need of courage to one who is scared of taking daring steps; take one today.

The journey is about to begin

The distance, I cannot tell

The duration, a lifetime

Do these shoes fit at all?

Counting my cost before embarking on the journey

‘Coz where it leads, I know not

Heart clouded with fear and uncertainty

Will these shoes fit my legs?

Hope seems shattered as panic grips me

Trembling while trying to decide how far I can go in these shoes

But it doesn’t matter where it carries me

I will wear these unfit shoes

Not sure of the distance

Not certain of the duration

Oblivious of my chances

I chose to wear these unfit shoes

Go girl! go girl!! finally I found a voice inside of me

You determine the distance and duration

Hurray! I found strength to wear these unfit shoes

…they were my PERFECT SIZE

Step by step, I limped, staggered then

I began to walk, then jumped

Within the twinkle of an eye,

I was running in my PERFECT SHOES because I am on a JOURNEY of OBEDIENCE. 

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