Poem: The Reality by Idris Adesina

The poem captures the importance of starting irrespective of what is available. Many a times, we get the whole picture of what we are doing after you have started.  I hope this will give you courage to start from where you are, no matter how small it. Enjoy this

A journey

Of a thousand years

Begins on a step

Thrives on steps

Steps that strengthen it

Even faltering steps,

All aid the journey

And eventually

It ends with another step!

Those were words

A long time ago

Nay, some months ago!

From a heart so kind

To give me warmth

When I was fearing

To sever myself from

My mother’s apron strings!

Go and make a name

For yourself and family

Carve a niche for yourself

Become an idol

And prosper!

Jus take that step

Take it!

The heart had said.

I went



And conquered!


And came back home

To the warmth of my people!

How sweet is success!

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