Que Sera Sera

Few days before I wrote this article, I remember I kept singing the song ‘ Que sera sera, what will be will be’. It just dawned on me it’s nothing positive, this statement gives a large space for complacency, so I picked my pen, I wrote this… enjoy!

This popular phrase has been a strong tower that many run into whenever they are not ready to leave their comfort zone. They say things like ‘leave me jare, what will be, will be.’

I remember how shocked  I was when a fellow student told me “I can’t kill myself oh, If it is written that I will graduate with a first class, fine and if it’s a third class what can I do that’s how it has been written.”

Before you judge like me, we sometimes share the same mentality too maybe on different matters, some poverty (I was created to be poor, we all can’t be rich or own companies) values (I can’t be known beyond my environment.)Goals (Maybe I wasn’t destined to function in that line) and the rest.

We want it all at our own pace. We don’t like to push further. But the truth is that as long as we refuse to be goal-getters, then we can’t get all that life as got to give.

One can’t be complacent and advance. If you have dreamt it, you have seen it but you can’t achieve it in complacency.

Be hungry for more, strife and put your best into it till you finally achieve it.

Whenever the name Joseph is mentioned all that comes to our mind is ‘the dreamer’. True Joseph never stopped dreaming but it is important that we know that he was never a ‘what will be will be’ person. He always put is best into anything he does. While he was at Potiphar’s house he was made the overseer, when he got to the prison, he also became the head of prisoners.

An object remains stagnant until a force is applied; internal or external. Hunger is that force that you need the most for your dreams.

What will be, will not be except you work hard, push and strife for it. You are in charge of your destiny. God has done his part by giving you dominion, so don’t just sit there and say what will be will be.


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