Seasons Come And Go; You Remain

One victory I had learnt is that when you learn to maximize the seasons of your life, it pays so much. Take a cue from here…

Life is beautiful, life is tough; life is fun, life is boring; Life is Joy, Life is pain. Whatever is the definition of life to you currently, just live it. Enjoy every season of it.

I remember when I was in search of a job. That was one very tough season of my life. I was full of life at first and bit by bit my energy level dropped, then I became extremely worried and after a while it began to affect my self esteem. I was so angry that I was ready to take whatever job for any penny. At that point, getting a job wasn’t because I needed to get a means of income, or the kind of fulfillment I wanted in my career path but one that I needed to help my ego.

Okay back to the gist of the season but one thing I was deliberate about was my growth. I read a lot; I revisited some of my school test in case I was called for an interview so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.  I read whatever was available to read; spiritual books, literatures, documentaries, I attended free conferences that I knew where going to be of help. I joined beneficial Whatsapp groups and other social media pages.

I was deliberate about becoming better and little by little, my esteem was restored. I saw more to life than just getting a job; I asked myself why I wanted this job each time I applied for one.

When I look back, I am grateful that I was able to use that period well.

It was my job hunting season that I wrote the best of articles I am publishing on my blog today.  That was the time I conceived the idea that gave birth to TEMMYFLORAHLOVELETTERS although I didn’t know what it would look like.

So, what season are you?  Unemployed, build yourself, acquire skills, are you an employee, serve well remember there is dignity in labour, you never can tell where your level of competence will come in handy.  Are you starting a business and it seems frustrating, keep at it, you will learn all that is to handling a multinational.

Whatever you hands finds doing, do it as unto the Lord. Simply put, whatever you are doing, do it whole heartedly with joy.

Remember seasons come and go, you determine the outcome of each.

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