I lazied all morning on the bed as all I could remember doing was seeing movies of course after my devotion and random checking of news and snacking on what was available around me. When it was time for work, I quickly dashed into the bathroom had a good bathe and dressed up for work before I landed in that terrible Lagos-Ibadan Expressway gridlock.  On getting to the office, I saw my friend MTJ updated his status and I remembered today was BE! Conference, so I joined on YouTube. Boom! It was explosive. Here are some takeaways from the conference:

  • The failure that you think you had was meant to build you, it was meant to form character in you. When you finally get to the place you are going, you will discover that you actually need all those things for your journey.
  • Know where you are going but be sensible, be responsive, and be flexible. Don’t be arrogant about what you are doing, be open to learning.
  • Stop living your life to please people because their judgments is based on their experiences; humans are limited
  • The onus of your life lies with you, always be on top of your game, accept challenges and always develop yourself; get the skills and the training that you need on your path.
  • Let people know you with excellence, don’t play the mediocre card.
  • You can’t make it in life when you focus on irrelevant things; you have to ignore things that do not matter if you must get to your destination in life.
  • There is no super man or woman, get all the help that you need and organise your life for the stage and season that you are in.
  • Work out your own strategy, do what works for you. Don’t do this because everybody is doing it.
  • Don’t let people impose their opinion on you based on their limited view.
  • Your desired goal is not as important as God’s purpose for your life. Sometimes, you have to let go
  • Let the Lord lead you, birth your dreams in the place of prayers. (I know this sound religious but we can’t take away God from our existence)

Here is the link to the full video:


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