I wrote this article when I was dating a guy who wasn’t serious with women so I thought once he sees this article, he would change (lol).  Your guess is as good as the reality, he read it but never changed. However, he also got to his turning point and today he is a married man. Read this…

In our life’s journey, there is a point or a particular stage when we say to ourselves, I CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE LIKE THIS. I hope this resonates with you.  That stage when a womanizer says, “ I think it’s time I get into a serious relationship and settle down.” That moment when a nonentity says to himself, “my life cannot be like this forever.”  That’s the TURNING POINT

For me, I used to be very supportive but trust me I hate it when you commit so much into my hands. I run from responsibilities a lot. Providentially! It got to a point in my life when I wanted more. I was not just comfortable with that dream of getting educated and get married (As opposed to the thoughts I have had before then). That day I cried my eyes out because something inside of me could no longer be caged.  There is more to life than settle just as a mother and a wife. Sure I want to be the best wife and mother but not restricted to the confine of my small house. Even if I am just in a small place, let my influence reach so many people, let it spread across territories, let the heathen come to my light, I said to myself that day.

The moment I thought like that, a fulfillment welled inside of me. That was my turning point. There was fresh air around me because my direction changed and my focus changed a lot. There was a radical change in the things I paid attention to, I began to sift things that could go and would not go with me in my life’s journey.

There is just this time in the journey of life when a person stops being silly. When you realise that I have written enough JAMB, where you say to yourself, I should begin to take my job and life more seriously. I should stop playing around and start chasing those dreams.

Until a person gets to that point where he realizes that this is not all to life, when he comes into the knowing that NO I deserve a better place in life, he would remain at a standstill for as long as he or she remains caged in their prison.

The Turning Point is where the journey starts, make a decision today.

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