The Vacant Seat by Busayo Okunloye

Sometimes in life, providence smiles at us and give us a chance that we do not deserve or we strive so hard and got a chance. Whatever the case ,never feel too important and leave your space, the moment you do, another will take up your space and by then, explanations might not do. Enjoy this piece by a dear sister…

So I took off from home at about 6:30am, hoping to meet the Bus that will take off at not later than 7am. I had to meet up with an appointment in Lagos by 10:00am.  I rushed into the car and Dad sped off, “thanks Dad” I said, still wondered why my Dad bothered this early to drop me at the Park. At about 6:40am we got to the park.

Seeing the bus empty and the car already loading with passengers, I thought ‘probably today is another waiting day’. Waiting can be too much of a task I remembered. I quickly walked through the mini crowd at the park to get my travel ticket. I noticed that I was now the fourth person on the list to fill for the eight-seater space bus.

Having filled the ticket register, I went straight to get settled in a bus. In the course of searching, an official directed me to a space bus that was almost full, there were two empty seats. I ignorantly entered I felt that I had chanced somebody but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get a space to go so that I would make it to Lagos in time.

 Finding a comfortable seat was my next mission, as I looked, I noticed that the back and front seats were occupied and one seat in the middle was occupied as well, the driver was already standing by trying to suggest a tiny middle seat for me, obviously after he had sized me up. If you see me in person, you’d understand why the driver gave me the look.  From his pointing it looked as though he wasn’t sure which of the seats was left, hence he pointed to no seat in particular, he just pointed to the direction of the two seemingly vacant seats. I refused to be confused, so, I quickly placed my bag on one of the supposedly empty seats motioned to by the driver. The driver did not say anything and no other passengers objected to my action.

Few minutes later, comfortable seated I waited patiently for the last passenger, dreaming of how the day would be like, “why did you sit on my seat” asked a light-skinned, short man with tribal marks who was now standing in front of me. I was not too surprised but I gave a wide- eye exclamation and said, “Really! I didn’t know oh, nobody told me, the driver said it was empty.” “But I came before you; I even saw when your dad dropped you off.”  The alleged owner of my seat tried to explain how long and earlier he had been around. He was speaking the truth but I was not ready to be convinced. I already settled in on my seat, I simply maintained that I did not know and that nobody informed me. However, you see it, my points were valid.

Enough of my blabbering all I wanted to share with you is this, “ never leave your seat for too long, better still Never leave your seat without giving formal or prior notice to those it concerns. It is not just courtesy, it is a value; not just value, it is prudence; it’s not just prudence, it is professional; it is not just professional, and it is godly. Else someone not as good as you are, better than you, or even of your calibre but not you will take your place, This applies to everything you do; your job, your place of work, your school, your  relationships and even your walk with God.

If you are still thinking you are irreplaceable, think again. You Are Not that Special. There are people at your office or even on the street waiting for a vacant seat/office/post so that they can fill in, there are guys and babes waiting for you to mess up your obligation as a spouse or partner so that they can get in.  Most of all God has spare parts and plan ‘B’s for every failed Plan A. Watch out! Don’t leave your SEAT vacant.

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