Why I didn’t watch Taaooma…

Anyone who knows me will probably give a raised eyebrow like hianty ( funny way of pronouncing aunty) why are you lying? I watch her a lot these days but I didn’t get there in a day, it’s a journey that began with a shift in my mindset. Enjoy here…

A few years ago, I stumbled on a skit and it ended with a mother who slapped the child, I smiled as it was what I could relate with just like many other Nigerians. Many of us grew up with the gbas gbos ( slaps) things from our mothers. African mothers, we hail you.

As much as I enjoyed the skit, I deliberately didn’t watch her other skits for a while because I felt the girl was too small to be making skits. Lol (Chief judge of the universe).

Instead of liking and supporting her, I would switch to other brands owned by people who were older. To me, they were in the legal age of making money.

Perhaps, there are people like me who taught of her in the same way but the lady didn’t care, she legit doesn’t even know that some short-sighted people existed as she continued with her job. Over time, she became a very interesting and fine brand. She didn’t give up, she continued with her skits and kept improving.  

Eventually, I came to terms with the fact that she is doing well as a young lady and my definition of her doesn’t define her or reduce the quality of her jobs.

Did I add any value to myself by not recognizing greatness in her? No. That’s exactly what happens. The fact that you think little of a person doing his or her thing, does not add value to you. Rather you exhaust your energy trying to figure out their lives for them.

Greatness has nothing to do with age, gender, skin colour, or what have you. It has a lot to do with the person’s consistent and persistent desire and efforts to be better not what you think about them.

Stop looking for excuses why a person doesn’t deserve a thing. Or why you feel a person shouldn’t be outstanding or excelling in chosen life paths, rather copy them and apply their principles to your life too.

There is so much power in our mindset, with a small mindset, you can’t see far. It took me a while to get there too.

We spend a number of minutes each day picking out what we are going to wear, but there is a far more important accessory we choose each day. It’s called our mindset. It influences everything we do. It can hurt us or help us. We can start by identifying our mindset and being aware of how it is influencing our behaviours.

What’s your mindset; fixed or growth? Wait for my next article.

Ask yourself, next time when you see greatness in a person,  what should you do. Accept or dispel?

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  1. Our mindset is our most important asset. Once we start changing the way we think about any situation at all, over time, the physical realities will align. This was about Taoma, but this applies to how we think about a lot of people and some of us need to change our mindset. Even those so called people we have issues with, who give us issues, we can start thinking of them simply as people that need help and we will just find out that we will not be offended by their behaviours.

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