Why I took a break…

For some weeks, I have had people ask me, it’s been a while you published an article on TemmyFlorahloveletters.com and I had smiled and say thank you I will put up something soon enough. I think you all need to know why I decided to take the back seat. Enjoy!

When was the last time you slowed down, unplugged and relaxed? That’s because rest is a gift we too easily do not appreciate.

Busyness makes us feel like we are great achievers, but it can be phony. Without healthy boundaries, activities can be like a tranquilizer that causes us to break apart.

Life comes with its daily demands on you, requiring you to run after something, or something unwanted runs after you. At times, I wonder if all we would ever make out of life is hustling.

You are either chasing your dreams and ambitions or hunger, poverty or mediocrity chase you.

For me, it’s been a year full of plans, ambitions and carried-over goals staring me in the face, waiting for actualisation.

Then came uncle/aunty Rona (The gender is still being debated) and pheem, everything went to a halt. We all expected our uninvited guest to leave since it had overstayed its welcome, but for where? Coro noh gree comot oh.

Hence, plans were put on hold, executions were suspended till further notice, projects were postponed and within the twinkle of an eye our reality as humans became one; we all have an enemy that we must win.

Seeing the whole craze from all corners was sickening. It was too stressful waking up daily to see all sorts of misinformation here and there, having to deal with the level of ignorance flying everywhere since everyone wanted to become a journalist. It all got worse with the notifications of live sessions on almost all accounts on social media, especially Instagram. So, I decided to take a chill pill, it was essential for my health.

Before I went on leave, I have had to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional stress that comes with my job and life in general. Oh! That last one was the master of it all. If you can surmount that you would deal well with the two others. Since I was on leave, I didn’t see the need to subject myself to any physical, mental or emotional stress.

Here are the lessons I picked from it all: 

Pay attention to yourself

Here’s what I did; I rested well, I mean really well. Should I say thanks to Rona that relieved me of the stress of having to visit everyone I had on my list. As a result of that, I had all the time to take care of myself. I indulged myself, deliberately allowing my head to rest well. I needed the break from all the fuss. 

I visited selected news sites to get valid information and I read a lot of books. I presume I’m still one of the people in my generation who prefer hard copy books to soft copy. I had a lot of books that I didn’t have enough time to read, so it was an opportunity to read my new books and a time to revisit some old books. Never undermine the benefits of revisiting a book you have read before. I was surprised at how much wealth of knowledge was lying helpless on the floor of my room.

This period made me understand that indeed there are different times under the sun. That moment, for me, was a time to increase my knowledge. I didn’t enjoy being the teacher, sharing and teaching; I wanted to also learn from valuable sources in different areas of life. I knew I needed a break from my regular schedule. I also learnt a few valuable things about graphics designs on my own. I have always appreciated designs so I decided to give it a shot and so far, I haven’t been doing badly.

Attention is money

I have come to understand that every of my time was like me spending my money. If it wasn’t worth it, I didn’t give it attention. I was very careful of the time I spent in the social media and what took most of my time. Whatever I devoted my time to online must give me a valuable and positive experience.

I was there for people as much as I was there for myself. I was used to being there for people while ignoring myself sometimes or giving more to others while I gave myself little. It was a period of discernment for me, that I should pay so much attention to myself if I don’t want to wear out. I wasn’t selfish but I also needed some time to cool off.

Be deliberate about your mental space

I was quick to identify people who were bored and just needed people to talk to as a cure for boredom. I was in a period where I just wanted to recover from stress, reconnect with myself and be fine. I didn’t need the baggage of lengthy conversations without value from people who were calling because they were bored. I solely needed conversations where I was bonding with friends and family, adding value to people or being added to.

I knew when to come out and when to stay inside. You know how it is in the physical when you would come to greet everyone and let everyone see your face, it’s like that internally too. I had time for coming out of my shell and time for crawling back inside.

I kept looking at my Big Picture

I had enough time to look at my big picture; my long term visions and goals. I kept journaling about it. I didn’t let the mood of the season take away my vision from me. 

Life is always busy asking for one thing or the other from you, in the midst of it, don’t let it snatch your life goals from you.

Are you feeling unnecessarily anxious? Do you feel so much fear around you? Are you stressed? Do you easily get worked out? Are you adding too much weight?

I think it’s time you TAKE A BREAK and shut out the noise. It’s time to release some feel-good hormones like dopamine, and reduce the possibility of your system secreting stress hormones.

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